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Ashley Skinner

Medical Esthetitician

All About Ashley

After completing her year long training with Mark Anthony Academy (now Legends Academy) in 2019, Ashley has been a Medical Esthetician for 3 years now.


Ashley has actually been one of Cassidy’s clients for almost 3 years now! Cass gave Ashley the opportunity to shadow her working and retrain her in all lash and brow services to ensure high quality work. Impressed by Ashleys quality and dedication, Cassidy has decided to hire Ashley as her assistant to help with her overflowing clientele as well as take on her own new clients.


Ashley’s favourite services to offer are lash extension and all brow services. She loves to make the face “pop” with a good set of sculpted brows and fluffy lashes! She appreciates the attention to detail it takes to do these services and you can truly feel her passion through her work portfolio. Ashley’s services she offers at Spectrum Beauty are eyelash extensions, lash lifts & tints, brow waxing, tinting and lamination.


Some fun facts about Ashley are:

  • She didn’t have a skincare routine until she was a year into esthetics 🥲

  • Her favourite animals are dogs even though she is super allergic to most of them (and kitties)

  • Ashley’s favourite beverages are tied between Mountain Dew and Chocolate Milk (not together!!)


Ashley is available at Spectrum Beauty Tuesdays-Thursdays 4-7pm.

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