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Spray Tans and Body Waxing

All About Me

Samantha came up with the idea for Tint and Tone while studying at Blanche Macdonald Centre. After graduating in 2021 and receiving her esthetics certification, she spent the next year planning how she would present the perfect alternative to sun exposure or messy at home self-tanners to metro-Vancouver.

With the dangers of sun tanning and sunbeds becoming common knowledge and SPF becoming a part of every skincare routine, she opted to try self tanners in her early adulthood resulting in many failed attempts. It was only a couple years later that she realized spray tans were the answer to all of our prayers.

Tint and Tone has thorough client consultations to ensure you get the perfect tan based on your skin tone combined with flawless application so you get exactly what you’re searching for. (no more mess and stress!) Being able to express her knowledge and creativity in a positive environment, while providing clients a beautiful glow (without the sun damage) is truly a dream come true.

Samantha's Hours:

Thursday-Sunday: 11am-8pm

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